You will drive by the Napoli - Salerno motorway A1, you must exit in Vietri sul Mare.The exit is after Pompeii and before Salerno.
From Vietri sul Mare start the Amalfi Coast and after about 1 hour of curves , you will arrive in Amalfi.
After a tunnel and an trees avenue,You will find a traffic roundabout, with a big fountain and a famous statue of Flavio Gioia and opposite, there is the Historical Center. Caution!!! 
If you booked our garage, you 've a permission to enter, because the Historical Center has a restricted access allowed only the residents and the guests booked the garage.Please you must call 15 minutes before the arrival,+393331015925 (whattsapp-Telegram). 
When you will enter In the main Square "Piazza Duomo" on the right will notice the stairs of the beautiful Cathedral, you will continue for the main road, it's the only street of the center,at 30 meters you will find a Traffic light,it's not really visible, you will wait 8 minutes the green.
After you will drive for ca 20 meters, on the left you will find a Tabacco Shop, after there are the stairs of our Hotel, I wil wait you there. 

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